We work with the best suppliers we can source and take pride in using the best produce that is available at the time.

Each Chef we work with will have one or two of there own preffered suppliers, it is our aim to use these. There is no compromise when it comes to ingredients and that is something we are proud about.

When you buy a StarChefs experience, you are not only supporting us and the chef, but a network of small and independent suppliers who love their jobs and are extremly passionate about great produce, be that a carrot or a piece of beef.

On top of sourcing the best ingredients possible for consumption, we also take pride in working with and trying to use enviromentally friendly packaging. our Woolcool boxes are a great example of this and we think its much better for the enviroment that this is fully recylable and we are supporting another independent business.

Sadly sometimes we have to use plastic 🙂 We dont love it and will continue to look for other options as our enviroment and wellness of this, is really important to us.